Authentic buckwheat pancakes

Authentic buckwheat pancakes

Crêpes de France

Rediscover the delicious recipe for authentic buckwheat pancakes! Set of 4 bags of 5 Kg (20Kg). Buckwheat pancakes (buckwheat). 

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This preparation is the ideal solution to compose delicious buckwheat pancakes! These typical pancakes are made from buckwheat flour which gives them this unique texture and taste. Famous around the world, the galette is usually served as a main course, with many possible ingredients. The buckwheat pancake can also be served for dessert because its creamy paste goes wonderfully with sweet mixes. Thanks to this preparation, offer something new to your menu!

Save space ! The preparation incorporates all the traditional ingredients: milk, eggs, flour, sugar, etc. You no longer have to worry about shopping, storage and freshness.

Save time! Get a ready-to-use paste in minutes. You just have to pour the preparation into a blender, add water or milk, depending on the desired product, mix, it's ready!

Earn more money! Increase your margin without increasing your prices! Thanks to its low cost price, the preparation ensures high profitability and controlled costs.

Store in a cool dry place. Storage (DLUO), even after opening, 7 months

Our pancake batter mix is ​​the ideal solution to ensure profitability, consistent taste quality and ease of preparation while respecting the authentic flavor of homemade pancakes. Guaranteed GMO-free, palm oil-free and preservative-free, it is made from rigorously selected eggs, butter, milk and flour. This exclusive Crêpes de France® preparation retains all the properties of the homemade pancake: flavor, fragrance, soft creaminess. To taste absolutely!


Buckwheat flour, wheat flour, skimmed milk powder, lactose, milk protein, vegetable fat, salt, flour treatment agent E300.


1 - Pour 2 liters of water into a mixer or suitable container.

2 - Pour 1 kg of "Authentic'Galettes" preparation and mix vigorously

3 - It's ready!

Amount of powder

Amount of water (or milk)

Number of pancakes


1 L

10 pancakes

1 Kg

2 L

20 pancakes

5 Kg

10 L

100 pancakes

10 Kg

20 L

200 pancakes

* Our production of pancake dough and waffle dough being subject to the rules of the Consumer Code - Article R112-9, we inform you that depending on the batches, our storage and the current production, the DLUO of 12 months is indicative. We guarantee you a minimum shelf life of 3 months from the date of the order. We invite you to contact our sales department on +33 4 50 51 43 49 to ensure the availability corresponding to your needs.

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