Our offers and order confirmations are subject to special agreements, under the following conditions and imply the full and complete acceptance of the buyers of these conditions which prevail over all purchase conditions. any deviation from these general conditions of sale must be the subject of a written declaration from us, applicable only to the particular case envisaged and strictly limited to its object, without modifying the other conditions of sale. The order is final: when, after receipt of a written order, we have sent a written acceptance without making any substantial modification and if the customer has indicated the place of end use of the products, if this was not the case, we reserve the right to cancel the sale at any time. Our concepts and preparations for pancake batter are manufactured under patent, model and trademark licenses; also, we reserve the right to refuse their deliveries, or to remove the Crêpes de France brand if it appears that they will not be used and / or implemented in accordance with the rights we hold. of the applicable trademark, image and notoriety legislation.


All our prices are expressed in euros and are EXW (according to the ICC 2010 definition) at 754 Avenue des Amaranches, 74460 Marnaz (excluding taxes, ex-workshops, packaging not included, insurance and transport costs not included). The prices and information given on our tariff do not engage our responsibility. They are given for information only. The firm and final prices are fixed at the time of each order or each contract. Crêpes de France reserves the right to make any changes in presentation, shape, size, design or material to its devices and merchandise, the engravings and descriptions of which appear on its advertising materials.



100% secure payments. The banking information entered is encrypted, an SSL encryption process which ensures the confidentiality of banking data. Crêpes de France does not record or keep a bank card number. VISA, MASTERCARD, CARD BLEUE cards are accepted. Purchase limit by credit card: € 800 excl.


Transfers must be sent with the order number as a comment. The order validated by the customer will not be considered effective by Crêpes de France and the items reserved until the bank payment centers concerned have given their payment agreement, ie when the transfer has actually been cashed. From the reception of your bank transfer, your order will be processed as soon as possible. If your transfer is not received at the end of the aforementioned 10 calendar days, your order will be canceled.


IBAN FR7616807000833237649321074



ACCOUNT N ° 32376493210


Checks are no longer accepted by Crêpes de France.



All the preparations offered by Crêpes de France are made from fresh products. Crêpes de France pays particular attention to the quality of the products selected and carefully controls the quality and the traceability of the products. Crêpes de France scrupulously follows all the prevention advice of the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Repression of Frauds (DGCCRF). Crêpes de France pays particular attention to compliance with the laws and regulations relating to the manufacture and preservation of food products. The customer should store the preparations in a dry and cool place. Due to the deterioration and possible alterations of foodstuffs, the delivered products will not be returned or exchanged.


Our production of pancake dough and waffle dough being subject to the rules of the Consumer Code - Article R112-9, we inform you that depending on the batches, our storage and the current production, the DLUO is to indicative title. We guarantee you a minimum shelf life of 3 months from the date of the order. We invite you to contact our sales department on +33 4 50 51 43 49 to ensure the availability corresponding to your needs.


In application of regulation 852/2004 relating to the legislation and hygiene of foodstuffs, and of the ministerial decree of October 8, 2013 in its consolidated version of March 15, 2016 relating to the health rules applicable to retail trade activities, d n storage and transport of products and foodstuffs other than products of animal origin and foodstuffs containing them, we do not take back or exchange any foodstuffs.



All our prices are ex-VAT. A flat-rate contribution, in respect of management and shipping costs, in the amount of € 25.00 excluding VAT will be invoiced for each order of goods, the amount of which is less than € 150.00 net excluding VAT. Delivery is made, either by direct delivery of the goods to the customer, or by delivery in the warehouses of Crêpes de France to a shipper or carrier. Crêpes de France work with partner transport companies with preferential rates. A personalized quote is offered to you for each shipment. Other carriers can be commissioned, depending on the customer's choices and habits.


By providing us with a valid international VAT number, you are exempt from transport taxes. For the declaration of goods, the procedures with the customs of your country and the competent authorities remain under your responsibility.


Crêpes de France undertakes to make every effort to ensure that your products are delivered on time. For deliveries outside mainland France, our deadlines are indicative and non-contractual and subject to effects beyond our control (Customs, strike, routing). You will be notified by phone of the arrival of the carrier. Your goods will be delivered to you by hand against signature. The carrier will contact you by telephone on the day of Delivery, within a time slot between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.


Always check the condition of your merchandise in the presence of the delivery person at the reception. Check with the presence of the carrier, the number of packages in relation to the transport document, the condition of the equipment and the interior of the packages (regardless of the condition of the packaging). In the event of non-compliance (missing or damaged package), note the number of missing packages on the carrier's receipt the same day, details of the damage or damage clearly noted. Refuse the package that you consider unusable. Confirm the dispute by registered letter to the carrier with a copy to Crêpes de France within 48 hours.

All goods unpacked after the carrier's departure will be considered compliant and no complaint can be taken into consideration. Otherwise, Crêpes de France cannot be held responsible for such damage and in no case may payment for the goods be called into question for these reasons. After checking the package, signing the delivery documents is mandatory. Your stamp will attest to the good reception and conformity of the goods.


On the day of delivery, make sure you plan, especially for heavy and bulky products, for help with carrying the equipment. Indeed, deliverers are not movers: as a general rule they will deliver to you and you will have to make sure to bring the equipment home by yourself. Unloading takes place as close as possible to your establishment where the truck can access. All handling between the unloading point and your establishment is your responsibility (the driver has no obligation to help you). The collections are made at our depot in Marnaz: 754 Avenue des Amaranches, 74460 Marnaz.


Crêpes de France goods travel at the risk and peril of the customer, even in the event of a return or shipment made carriage paid or against reimbursement. Crêpes de France cannot be held responsible for damage occurring during transport or unloading. Consequently, it is up to the customer to carry out the quantitative and qualitative verification of the material upon receipt. Reservations specifying the type of damage, its location and its extent must be made on the carrier's receipt and confirmed to the latter (by registered letter AR) within 48 hours of receipt (article 105 of the Commercial Code). These precautions allow the carrier, who is solely responsible, to take action with his insurance.

It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information provided when ordering, including the delivery address. You remain responsible for the information you provide when registering and placing your order. Crêpes de France cannot be held responsible for any customer input errors that could cause delivery errors. Crêpes de France cannot be held responsible for any errors made by the customer and / or non-compliance by the customer with delivery terms and appointments with the carrier. Where applicable, the costs necessary for the return and storage of the products will be borne by the customer.


The installation and connection of the equipment are the responsibility of the customer and under his full responsibility. The choice and purchase of a product are the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer will have to make it his personal matter to check the accounts of his electrical installation, its gas supply and its drinking water supply with the equipment purchased and failing that, to consult competent local craftsmen. Crêpes de France cannot determine the exact and precise needs of the customer and the possible constraints related to the customer's place of activity when ordering. A total or partial impossibility of using the delivered products will not give rise to any compensation, reimbursement or questioning of the "obligation to advise" Crêpes de France liability.


All returned merchandise must be in its original packaging and in its entirety (packaging, cables, accessories, screws, manuals, covers, protections).

The whole must be intact and in perfect condition, without any alteration.

Return costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

You must accompany your return with a duplicate invoice.

Any merchandise that does not meet these criteria cannot be taken back and will be systematically refused and returned to you at your expense. Any merchandise that has been washed, used, damaged or subjected to other treatments will not be accepted.

Crêpes de France does not take back or exchange:

  • Used cooking equipment (crepe makers, waffle irons)
  • Used kitchen equipment (spatulas, cleaning handle, plastic bottles, grease pad, pancake rake)
  • Open consumable boxes (waffle sticks, pancake cones)
  • Foodstuffs (Preparations, jams, Drinks).

In the event of a return accepted by our services, a credit note will be sent to you or an exchange offered. Return address: Planet Concept Production - SAV - 754 Avenue des Amaranches, 74460 Marnaz.

We especially draw your attention to the fact that you must return the product: by declaring the value of the product, as it results from the purchase invoice and by ensuring the perfect insurance cover of the risks of return, in relation with the purchase invoice. In fact, in the event of a return at your expense and excluding additional insurance, you are informed that the carrier will only compensate you up to the legal scale.


The withdrawal period only concerns private customers and not professional customers. Without having to justify his decision and without charge except for return costs, the individual purchaser may return the products purchased, within 7 days from the date of partial or total delivery of the order, the stamp of the post as proof.

In order to ensure the proper management of returns, the purchaser must first notify our customer service of the return. In the event of a return, the products must be returned with their original packaging and any accessories. The whole must be in perfect condition. If the returned product (s) have been damaged, Crêpes de France reserves the right to return them to the purchaser, at its expense, or to request compensation for the loss in value.

You must return the goods no later than 14 days after sending your withdrawal. The direct costs of return, transport and insurance, are your responsibility. In the event of withdrawal, Crêpes de France undertakes to reimburse all of the sums you have paid, excluding delivery costs, upon receipt and inspection of the returned goods.


Our equipment is guaranteed for parts against any manufacturing defect for 1 year from the date of shipment of the goods. Excluded from the warranty are breakage and deterioration resulting from irrational use, not resulting from proper use and normal maintenance.

The warranty is excluded:

If the product has been repaired or modified by the buyer or by third parties appointed by him

If the faulty operation is the result of negligence or recklessness on the part of the purchaser.

If the faulty operation results from force majeure or an external fact

If the country of use of the device is different from that indicated by the customer at the time of shipment.

Our warranty is limited to the replacement of parts recognized as defective, to the exclusion of all other costs, damages or indemnities. Under the parts warranty, any product believed to be defective must be returned at your expense. You will be responsible for shipping the part diagnosed as defective to our after-sales service. After reception and examination by our technicians, a repair or a standard exchange will be proposed to you. Reshipment and examination will be paid for by Crêpes de France.

The customer is solely responsible for supplying the electrical or gas connection necessary to supply energy to the crepe maker (s) as well as for the choice of the installation location. Each device must be protected by a differential circuit breaker in accordance with French legislation. The customer will be responsible for complying with the provisions of the legislation of the country in which the device is used. The crepe maker must be used with a sneeze guard, we do not accept any liability in the event of an accident for any potential direct or indirect damage.

In the event of equipment malfunction, Crêpes de France can in no way be held responsible for the loss of its contents due to the breakdown of the device, as well as for any indirect damage due to the delivery time of the products. spare parts such as loss of turnover or possible rental costs incurred during the repair phase of the equipment, these risks falling under the commercial insurance contract to be taken out by the customer with his insurance company.


In case of late payment, late payment penalties calculated on the basis of three times the legal interest rate in force as well as a lump sum indemnity will be payable, in accordance with article L 441-6 of the Commercial Code. for collection costs of 40 euros.


Our goods remain our property until full payment of the price. The buyer undertakes personally with regard to the seller not to dispose by any means whatsoever, neither in full ownership nor by pledging, of the goods purchased before full payment of the price. In the event of the buyer's opposition to the return of the unpaid goods, a simple summary order will constitute resolution of the sale and authorization to take back the goods. The deposits paid will remain acquired as damages. Despite the retention of title clause, the purchaser will bear all transport risks as well as those that may arise from taking possession of the goods. He must insure himself accordingly and bear the charges. Does not constitute a payment within the meaning of this clause, the remittance of drafts or other securities creating an obligation to pay. In the event that the buyer does not pay the price according to the terms agreed with the seller, the latter may demand the return of the goods without losing, for that very reason, the other rights he holds by virtue of the this contract. The taking back of the goods will not result in the termination of the sales contract, unless the seller provides otherwise in writing.


Any dispute of any nature whatsoever relating to our sales, even in the event of a warranty claim or multiple defendants, falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Annecy


The law applicable to the relations of the parties is the law of the French Republic to the exclusion of any other.


The language of drafting and interpretation of the present is French. In the event of a translation contradiction, only the French version will be used as a basis for the interpretation.


The force majeure clause of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Publication No. 421) is an integral part of these general conditions of sale.

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