Gas crepe maker Ø40cm 8 branches...

Gas crepe maker Ø40cm 8 branches Krampouz CGBIC4AA

Crêpes de France

A gas crepe maker with a cast iron plate allowing outdoor use without any worries, whatever the weather. 

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  • The enameled cast iron gas crepe maker equipped with a thermostat for outdoor use in all weathers thanks to a thermostat integrated into the crepe maker which limits temperature oscillations on the hob.
  • This crepe maker is specially designed for the take-out sale of pancakes at winter markets, for itinerant sales (stands, trailers, food trucks) or at fairgrounds.
  • Perfectly homogeneous cooking without heat loss: the 8-branch star burner and the disc equipped with spikes guarantee homogeneous temperature transfer over the entire surface of the perfectly smooth enamelled cast iron plate. This perfect contact cooking makes it possible to obtain pancakes or pancakes, light, golden brown, perfectly honeycombed, without caramelization or vitrification.
  • It is fitted with butane / propane and delivered with a kit of natural gas injectors. Regulators and bottles are not delivered with the crepe maker and are available from distributors or specialized stores.
  • Can be built into a worktop and easy to transport thanks to its small size.


  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Safety thermocouple (gas cuts off if the flame goes out)
  • Thermostatic temperature regulation (precision cooking)
  • Double row of flames on each burner branch (see photo)
  • 8 branch burner fitted as standard with a butane / propane injector
  • Natural gas injector supplied separately
  • 1 year parts warranty


  • Dimensions (LxH): 400 x 190 mm
  • Power 7000 W
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • 8 branch burner
  • 304 stainless steel frame, 40 cm diameter cast steel plate


  • Reference: AR00024
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