As the crêpe specialist, Crêpes de France escorts you from A to Z !

You wish to start a crepes business ? Catering's professional or entrepreneur, we will guide you step by step into the framing and the staging of your project: 

Business case and personalized guidance

We will study with you the best adapted concept to your requirements: permanent or mobile site for your crêpe business, full or part time occupation, or even seasonal. We can advise you in your search for the right site for you.

Financing advice

We will suggest some financing solutions and will guide you in carrying out your business plan.

Innovating professional equipment by Crêpes de France

We will deliver to you our innovating equipment of high Made in France quality, to ensure an optimal efficiency.

Learning the Crêpe Chef trade

We will convey you our knowledge and expertise so you can learn the skills of a real master. Our training units on each necessary competency allow for an individualised training.

Ease of procurement of our Crêpes de France supplies

We will schedule the delivery of your needs in batter mix of high quality ingredients, as well as of your packaging requirements.

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