Urba Kids - Isabelle Schlaefli


« My name is Isabelle Schlaefli. Together with my brother and a small collaborative team, I opened an out- and indoor playcentre for children, in Orbe in Switzerland. Straight away, we chose crêpes as a product, because kids love it, it is versatile, and offers many recipe options. It is healthy and different from what other children restaurants have on offer, and most of all, it is easy and fast to prepare.

We were quickly seduced by the complete Crêpes de France offering, going from the training (which was a great help for us, being new to the business), the customised and precise equipment and the provision of crêpe batter mixes.

Crêpes de France is our partner since the start of our adventure (3 years). Despite the distance, they are a close partner. May it be for advice, orders or small repairs, we always have received very professional responses within the day, even within the minute for urgent requests. The crêpe batter mix is very easy to use and of the best quality. The equipment is well thought-through and of very high quality. »

Website : http://www.urba-kids.ch/



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