20 years of taste, good ideas and efficiency.

With its mellow and fluff, a Crêpe is a pleasant reminder of one’s childhood’s favourite flavours. Savoury or sweet, embellished by the most various of ingredients, it can be adapted to the taste of any region, country or culture, and is consistently receiving an acclaimed success in France and overseas.

20 years ago, André Sala, an inventor with a passion for crêpes, founded Crêpes de France in order to meet an increasing demand in innovating concepts in the crêpe business. André’s aim was to offer an adapted set of products, especially driven by the need to simplify the work of the Crêpe Chef while offering hygienic solutions and maximising efficiency.

Among the innovative products by Crêpes de France, we find the crêpe batter batch cooling dispenser®, patented model, and receiver of many awards. The cooling batch dispenser allows for an optimised and controlled production while ensuring hygienic handling and respect of the cold chain. It can be fitted onto any of our crêpe trolleys or worktops.

Complementing its high performing products, Crêpes de France offers a mouth-watering crêpe batter preparation, created from an exclusive recipe, and respecting the ingredients used in the traditional crêpe batter. This creation has likewise revolutionised the work of the crêpe chefs, ensuring performance and practicality, while guaranteeing the flavours and fluff of home-made crêpes.


André Sala, Fondateur



Reinvigorating the core values

A new chapter has begun in April 2014, to safeguard a lasting future for Crêpe de France. A new organisation is established, with a fresh vision to turn towards both the French and the international markets and keep the innovations to a high standard. Franck Metral as the new Operations Manager and Guy Metral as the new Administrator of Crêpes de France, founded the new company SARL PLANET CONCEPT PRODUCTION, thus ensuring the traditional Crêpe de France expertise and human values are energised by a fresh start.


A technical support for a continuous development

From a family of industrialists since 1947, the companies RMG INDUSTRIE, and SODIFRANCE ensure the technical development, the design, the methods and the innovations, the logistics and the quality on our new site installed in the Valley of the Arve, in Haute-Savoie. We put at the service of Crêpes de France our mechanical experience and expertise in the subcontracting trades of over 65 years. The commercial development is ensured by the team in place with the help of new resources, on the new site of Marnaz. At the gates of Mont-Blanc, you can visit our show-rooom which contains all the products we sell.




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