Distri'Crêpes Digital with a screw stand support

Distri'Crêpes Digital with a screw stand support

Batter Dispenser DIGITAL
For all pasta, creams & sauces
Digital Counter and thermometer
Capacity 4.5 L INOX food
Mounted on a screw stand

€1,365.00 Excl. Tax €1,638.00 Incl. Tax


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The famous crepe dough dispenser, the patented innovation Crêpes de France, has a new look! Thanks to the improvements and returns of the many users, the Distri'Crêpes is more functional, faster and more economical.

 Multi-function use!

The Distri'Crêpes does not just be more efficient, it also becomes the companion of the cook, the pastry chef or the Pizzaiolo! Its new design confers many benefits such as a size suited to the worktops of cookware and bakeries / pastries. He passes easily from pancake batter to pastry making to pizza tomato sauce.

Equipment of the Distri'Crêpes Digital

• A food grade AISI 304 stainless steel tank with a capacity of 4.5 L

• An electronic counter to control the number of pancakes made

• A stainless steel dosing handle to adjust the desired dough quantity

• An electronic thermometer to control the temperature of the dough

• A white plastic filler cap

• 2 eutectic plates, positioned in the tank to keep the dough at less than 8 °

• An articulated stainless steel arm to fix the dispenser and rotate it

• A stainless steel stand to screw onto your work surface

Additional Information

  • Référence : AR00042
  • Manufacturer : Crêpes de France


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