Crepe batter mix sample

Crepe batter mix sample

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1 bag of 2.5 kg to make about 50 crepes
Wheat crepes batter mix

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Our batter is the ideal solution to ensure profitability, constant quality taste and ease of preparation while maintaining the authentic flavor of homemade crepes. Guaranteed GMO, palm oil and preservatives free, it is made of eggs, butter, milk and flour carefully selected. This unique recipe of Crêpes de France® retains all the properties of the home made, flavor, fragrance, mellow smoothness. A must try!

Store in a cool dry place. Conservation (BBD), even after opening, 7 months *


Wheat flour (about 80%) sweet whey powder, butter (about 4.8%), whole egg powder, salt, milk protein, milk fat, lactose, treatment agent E300 flour.


1 - Pour 1.8 liters of water in a mixer or suitable container.
2 - Pour 1 kg of preparation "Authentic'Froment" and mix thoroughly
3 - Let the dough rest at least 15 minutes
4 - Store the dough in the refrigerator

 Amount of powder  Amount of water  Number of crêpes
 500 gr  0.9 L  10
 1 kg  1.8 L  20
 2.5 kg  4.5 L  50
 10 kg  18  L  200


* Our production batter and waffle batter being subject to the rules of the Consumer Code - Article R112-9, we inform you that function lots, our storage and the current production of the BBD 7 months is an indication. We guarantee a minimum Best before 3 months from the date of the order. We invite you to contact our sales department at +33 4 50 51 43 49 to ensure the availability corresponding to your needs.

Additional Information

  • Référence : AR00099
  • Manufacturer : Crêpes de France


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